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Welcome to RDC, your trusted partner in revolutionizing credit risk management.

RDC uses explainable AI to empower lenders and credit risk teams to understand deep insight into borrower behavior, enabling more accurate and efficient lending decisions to businesses. Through our strategic partnership with nCino we introduce a dynamic synergy that sets new benchmarks for industry performance.

By integrating nCino’s advanced platform with RDC’s robust risk assessment capabilities, business and commercial customers can experience a seamless and faster lending process supported by AI decisioning.


Benefits of utilizing RDC’s next generation of credit platform

Single solution that offers the right customer treatment at the right time

Simplified credit ecosystem that enables greater agility and speed to market

Supports revenue growth

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Join our breakfast session on 15 May – where we’ll delve into “Using Explainable AI Decisioning to Efficiently Minimize Losses”, featuring insights from Peter Fabbri, Master Product Manager at nCino, and John Zugelder, Head of Client Advisory North Ameria at RDC.

Gain valuable knowledge on leveraging modern data techniques with latent bank data to drive continuous credit monitoring and shape the future of credit portfolio management.


Explore our library of resources to discover the future of credit, today.

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