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Harness AI to confidently boost access to credit

Our AI-native credit decisioning platform provides deeper insight into borrower behaviour, enabling faster and more accurate decisions that empower confident lending to new and underserved segments. Think growth, safely.


The future of credit

An explosion of data, shifting borrower behaviour, increased regulatory scrutiny, exponential technology growth and AI advancement, means credit conditions are ripe for disruption.

Lenders must rapidly innovate to remain relevant and address emerging customer needs. Our unique AI native capability empowers established leaders and fintech challengers alike to be disruptors at the forefront of change.

Credit where it’s due

We believe in inclusive, fair, sustainable and dynamic credit for every consumer and business borrower.

Our AI Decisioning as a Service (DaaS) platform leverages alternative data sensors to interpret borrower behaviour. We bring together AI-native predictions and decisions to support financial institutions to lend to underserved customers.

AI-Native DaaS

The power of AI + Human Intelligence at your fingertips

Next Generation Predictions & Decisions

RDC’s platform uses AI and alternate data to better understand customer behaviour. Powering innovation to deliver growth, efficiency, and uplifted experiences across the credit lifecycle. 

  • 5Achieve profitable portfolio growth with higher approval rates
  • 5Reduce credit losses with better credit risk assessment
  • 5Ensure regulatory compliance with explainable models and decisions
  • 5Improve operational efficiency with increased automation
  • 5Improve the customer experience with reduced time to decision.

Trusted by clients to deliver innovation

NAB turns to AI to decide on small business loans.

“We partnered with Rich Data Co for their proven ability to innovate, augment and expand our small business lending capability. Their platform enables us to innovate and accelerate our lending options in this market, leveraging alternative data and AI techniques.

Howard Silby
Chief Innovation Officer, NAB

Helping you achieve your goals

We’re here to support your success, regardless of your role in the lending process

Credit Risk

Ensure that decision strategies and predictive models are aligned to your organisation’s risk appetite, and stand up to regulator scrutiny.

P&L Owner

Market conditions can change quickly; recognise changing conditions early and optimise for business priorities.

Modelling Expert

Leverage machine learning algorithms, with proven high accuracy. Explainability and model performance features baked in.


The RDC platform integrates powerful AI-predictions and decisioning to support lenders to safely and accurately facilitate the origination of credit.


Optimise management of your lending portfolio. Manage risk, identify growth opportunities, and streamline customer and facility reviews. 

Our academic partnerships ensure continued leadership in both insight and innovation

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