Innovative collaboration

Powerful partnerships for meaningful results

Rich Data Co is proud to be engaged in valuable partnerships across a diverse network of organisations. The result is unique capabilities born of genuine collaboration.


Our academic partnerships ensure continued leadership in both insight and innovation

The University of NSW

Researching how artificial intelligence can interactively acquire knowledge from multiple experts, to complement automated learning. We seek to address challenges when little or no data is available.

The University of Sydney

Investigating the use of alternative data sets, particularly financial transaction and economic data to better understand predictive behavioural indicators.

University of Technology, Sydney

Exploring the use of knowledge graphs in order to capture and visualise business knowledge on raw data, meta data, features and the causal inter-relationship between them.


Collaborating with cloud technology, platform, and consultancy partners to support customer innovation.

Collaborating together to enable customers to transform their way of doing things, with Deloitte we are supporting technological change across Financial Services.

With IBM we come together to mutually support our Financial Services customers achieve ideal business outcomes.

Aligning to ensure customers solve business challenges. KPMG provides expert consultancy, and works closely with RDC to help customers think different to solve problems.

Working closely to help Financial Services customers achieve successful outcomes. Accenture provides strategy and consulting, interactive, technology, and operations services.

We are a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) – a global community of Partners who leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers.

We are a member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Together we help solve tomorrow’s problems today. Google Cloud computing services include data management, hybrid and multi-cloud, and AI & ML.

Integrating with nCino’s end-to-end banking platform allows our customers to adopt AI-native platform capabilities into their loan origination and monitoring processes.

We work closely to facilitate a Bank’s adoption of a new ways of doing things. Mambu’s SaaS cloud banking platform enables a vision of composable banking providing agile, flexible banking products.

Together we enable customers to realise lending innovation. Thought Machine’s cloud-native core banking platform supports flexible banking product structures.

Data Providers

Working with data providers to solve customer problems