Using the Intelligent Cloud can take your business to new heights.

Businesses in every industry across the world now have access to wider and deeper data than ever before. The key is enrichment that empowers business decisions.

Answer new questions

Art & Science

With rising pools of data and increasing ability to analyse it via Machine Learning and AI, the art lies in asking the right questions for the science to deliver. Connecting the question to a business problem or opportunity is key to a meaningful outcome.

Safe pairs of hands

With senior enterprise experience across geographies and industries, RDC personnel understand the complexity of large projects in a range of business contexts. RDC also maintains ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management.

Innovative Business Models

RDC develops innovative business models with clients to ensure each engagement reflects a true partnership. Tap into industry expertise to help find new ways of enriching your data and then develop a model that mutually rewards success.

power of your data

The Power of IC

Developed through seven years’ R&D and deployment for clients around Asia and North America, RDC is built on the powerful combination of its proprietary IC platform and the guiding hands of human expertise. From customer scoring to credit decisioning to lead generation and engagement, this unique combination of H + AI enables RDC to deliver breakthrough results for clients looking to leverage their data in innovative and disruptive ways.


Rich Data and Midea Smart Home Partner to Improve the Lives of Customers


Together, we will ask the right questions to unlock the power of your data and deliver valuable answers to your business.