Prediction & Decisioning Engine


smarter decisions. Superior outcomes.

Our AI-driven Prediction & Decisioning Engine generates advanced credit scoring for consumers and SMEs by leveraging profiles, data and algorithms.

We utilise deep global financial services expertise, advanced AI, and non-traditional data to deliver a next-generation prediction and decisioning platform for consumer and SME lending.

Advanced Predictions

Enables lenders to finance ‘thin credit profile’ consumers and SMEs using limited data and alternative data sources.

Self Describing Decisions

Explicitly stores the entire decision (logic and data) for compliance and enhancement of default prediction

Expand the lending portfolio

Assists lenders to serve new markets and introduce new products by offering innovative AI transfer learning capabilities to quickly build new credit models.

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key features

  • Advanced credit scoring, leveraging profiles, data and algorithms
  • Enables the full lifecycle of integrated prediction and decisioning, providing end-to-end visibility of the data and decision logic through Self Describing Decisions
  • Configurable decision flows that allow rapid implementation and deployment