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Expand your lending portfolio with advanced data insights
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The volume of information available today presents many lenders with the challenge of fully leveraging their data, or potentially missing out on opportunities for their business and commercial customers. 

Lead Limits utilises AI to analyse comprehensive data sources – including cash flow, seasonality, and repayment habits – to identify new lending opportunities with your existing commercial customer base. By accessing the insights behind these limits, your relationship managers can engage in meaningful conversations with customers and grow their portfolios.

Key Benefits

Unlock new opportunities

Leverage additional data sources to identify untapped
lending opportunities within your portfolio.

Improve the customer experience

Use tailored, data-driven insights to enrich customer
conversations and add value.

Grow sustainably

Grow your existing loan portfolio safely and responsibly by
proactively offering personalised credit limits.

Lend responsibly

Identify additional servicing capacity with existing customers
that align with your organisation’s risk appetite and credit policies.

Increase efficiency

Streamline the origination process with pre-approved limits,
reducing lending time and operational costs.

How it works

Lead Limits leverages the RDC AI decisioning platform using traditional, latent, and alternate data to deliver insights for more predictive  decision-making. The platform combines all elements of credit assessment in one place, continuously monitors customer data, and provides clear explanations for AI-based recommendations to help stakeholders understand the reasoning behind them.

Features overview

Transparent, explainable credit decisions

AI-powered risk and serviceability assessment

Proactive risk and serviceability pre-assessed limit offers

Intuitive internal policy rule configuration

Dashboard with customer insights, predictions and benchmarks

Transformations enabled by Lead Limits


Generic limit amounts based on

Identified limits outside the origination process

Assessment based solely on historical data


Specific limits tailored to individual behaviour and
consiering existing risk levels

Identified limits within the origination process

Assessment incorporating historical data plus predictions
and projections

success story

A major bank approached RDC to help find opportunities within its existing portfolio to responsibly increase lending limits. Following the planned  implementation of Lead Limits, the bank is expected to identify  approximately US$1.5 billion in new lending limits, which will have significantly lower risk profiles compared to its previous processes.

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