Early Warnings

Proactively identify and support at-risk customers
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Effective risk management demands timely interventions. Our Early Warnings solution helps business and commercial lenders proactively support customers exhibiting early signs of credit risk deterioration. By utilising actionable insights derived from continuous credit surveillance, Early Warnings helps you minimise losses, maintain portfolio health, and provide targeted assistance to your customers.

Key benefits

Minimise Risk

Utilise AI-powered insights to detect emerging credi risks early and address at-risk cusomers proactively.

Make better decisions

Make timely, high-quality credit decisions using the latest, most comprehensive data.

Improve performance

Identify key areas to focus your efforts to prevent losses and maintain a healthy portfolio.

Increase efficiency

Streamline the early warning process to better allocate resources and reduce operational costs.

Preserve customer relationships

Access the necessary insights you need to have productive, personalised interactions with customers.

Meet regulatory requirements

Achieve compliance with regulatory and auditing standards through clear, explainable and traceable insights and recommendations.

How it works

Early Warnings leverages the RDC AI decisioning platform using traditional, latent, and alternate data to deliver insights for more predictive decision-making. The platform combines all elements of credit assessment in one place, continuously monitoring customer data, and providing clear explanations for AI-based recommendations to help stakeholders understand the reasoning behind them.

Features overview

Transparent, explainable credit decisions

AI-powered early risk detection

Portfolio-level risk heatmaps

Intuitive internal policy rule configuration

Dashboard with customer insights, predictions and benchmarks

Transformations enabled by Early Warnings


Relying on lagging indicators based on past outcomes

Manual processes

Judgment-driven decisions

Multiple tools and technology

Reactive implementation of policy and procedure changes


Utilising leading indicators that predict future outcomes

Automated, always-on processes

AI and data-informed decisions

Single integrated platform

Proactive implementation of policy and procedure changes at the speed of governance

success story

A major bank approached RDC for help with its disjointed risk detection processes, which were leading to operational complexity and confusion among portfolio managers. Upon the upcoming implementation of Early Warnings, the bank will be able to deect potential risks six months earlier, which is expected to significantly reduce overall portfolio risks and improve risk management efficiency.

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