Who is RDC?

We combine human expertise and Artificial Intelligence to profile and credit score both consumers and small businesses.

Using our unique learnings from over seven years’ R&D into consumer behaviour through social media, we’ll help you leverage your data in disruptive ways to achieve unprecedented results.

rich data corporation

RDC provides intelligent credit scoring and decisioning capabilities

We have combined our human expertise and AI capabilities into a single Intelligent Cloud platform (IC) to solve the needs of consumer and SME credit risk scoring and modeling in real-time.   

 Our IC platform helps you seamlessly combine your owned data with alternative data sources to more accurately assess the credit risk of individuals and small businesses – opening up previously underserved, thin-file markets.

Through multiple implementations at scale, across multiple geographies, we have proved our ability in delivering enterprise-grade products at speed and scale. 

DATA first

Data is the prize. We value the potential in the information, in the learnings derived, and evolve based on outcomes.

SAFE & secure

Care for data like the asset that it is. Privacy and data isolation is critical to our customers, and to us.


Products are deployed in-cloud in-country, with Software As a Service (Saas) model.


Build from the ground up to support international needs while rapidly localising. Be sensitive to each culture.

Real World Solutions

Human Expertise

RDC personnel bring a depth of human understanding to client business contexts. Their broad enterprise experience enables them to harness the power of the Intelligent Cloud platform to maximum effect for each client, designing unique implementations that align goals with organisational objectives.

The Bottom Line

The value of your data is fully realised when you understand how to best connect with your customers. RDC can show you how.